About me

Hi, my name is Anton, and I’m an experienced business-oriented Software Architect and Team Leader from Kazan / Russia. I love programming in Go and helping companies moving forward.

As a professional

I have been programming since 2002 and doing on a commercial basis since 2005.

I strongly focused on solving problems. I always try to understand the real issues prevent businesses from moving forward and try to find an engineering solution. Also, I have management skills, and I have some experience in building Agile processes. At the same time I have a lot of bad experiences, so I know where issues came from and ways how to solve them.

I can be useful for your company if you have this kind of problems:

  • Your Project is really hard or expensive to Improve or Maintain
  • Nobody knows anything about the project, all information stored in Engineers’ heads.
  • There are no clean responsibilities and processes in the Engineering team
  • Your company have lack of Engineering Culture in general

As a professional, I mostly experienced and interested in Software Architecture, System Design and Analysis, CI/CD, and DevOps philosophy. From the Computer Science perspective, I mostly interested in internals (like how programming languages, operating systems, or network communications works under the hood).

My main professional principles are:

  • Always think about business problems and about customers. If you don’t have users who are using your code, it makes no sense to write the code.
  • There always should be a person or role who is responsible for some part of the system or process. There should not be “team responsibility” because “team responsibility” often means “no responsibility”.
  • Maintainability and reliability it’s the most important parts of the product. So refactoring always makes sense from the product perspective.
  • You can’t know everything, so ask people, listen to what they say and which problems do they have. Try to understand them, and learn from them.
  • Premature optimization is the root of all evil. (c) Donald Knuth. I just agree with him.

People who had the greatest influence on me as a professional is Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Uncle Bob, Eric Evance, Martin Fowler, Kent Back, Steve MacConnel. By the way, books which influenced me you can find on Read page.

Besides Go, I also use JavaScript (TypeScript, node.js, react, mobx, next.js) for web development. In the past I used to work with PHP (Zend Framework, Yii, Symfony, Laravel). I also have small expirience with languages like “Java” and “C#". In the past I have tried to learn Python, Ruby, and even C.

I have Telegram Channel (RU) called @dependencyhell where I publish short excerpts from techincal books related to Software Engineering and some thoughts about Best Practices, Clean Architecture, DDD, and related topics.

As a person

All my childhood and teenage years I spent far of the north in Norilsk / Russia. In 2009, I graduated “Norilsk Industrial Institute” as a specialist in “Automation of Technological Processes and Factories”. For about 5 years I was working on Norilsk Nickel on my specialization. In 2014, I moved to Kazan and started working as a Software Engineer at a full-time job.

I my free time, I like freeride skiing and snowboarding. At summer, I’m riding street-trial bike. I also like photography, so you can try to find my Instagram.